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Things to Avoid When Buying a Used Car

Whether you're a first-time car buyer or a seasoned negotiator, navigating the world of used cars can be a veritable maze of "shoulds" and "shouldn'ts." Today, we'll guide you through the pitfalls and traps that can trip up even the most discerning buyer. Buckle up, as we are here to guide you through the jungle of used car buying with some surefire tips on what to avoid.

Ignoring the Vehicle History Report

Imagine dating someone without knowing anything about their past. Sounds risky, right? The same logic applies to used cars. Skipping out on the vehicle history report could lead to a long-term relationship filled with breakdowns, costly repairs, and endless regret. When checking out a potential ride, always ask for its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and run a detailed report to look for red flags like accidents, odometer discrepancies, or flood damage.

Going for the First Love at First Sight

We've all been there—you see a car, and it's love at first sight. Those shiny rims, that impeccable upholstery, you're ready to say "I do!" But just like in any romantic comedy, it's essential to play hard to get. First impressions can be deceiving, so it's crucial to test drive multiple vehicles to compare handling, comfort, and functionality. After all, variety is the spice of life, and the more cars you test, the better your final decision will be.

Overlooking the Fine Print

Let's say you've found "The One"—it's the car of your dreams, and you're ready to sign your life (or at least your next few years) away. Before you do, make sure you read the financing terms and any other legal mumbo jumbo. Interest rates, warranties, and return policies should all be crystal clear. The last thing you want is to drive off the lot only to realize you've signed up for a lifetime movie's worth of drama.

If you're around the Lehighton area and are looking for a stress-free buying experience with a large inventory of quality used cars, don't hesitate to reach out to 443 Auto Sales.

Is It Time To Change Your Oil

When to Change the Oil In Your Car?

The #1 rule is to read  your car’s owner’s manual and follow their recommendations. The manufacturer knows your car best and what’s required to keep it running properly. The old rule of thumb was to change your car’s oil every 3,000 miles or every 3 months, whichever came first.

But with today’s advances in motor oil, that’s no longer necessary. Depending on the type of motor oil, your car’s driving conditions, and other factors, you can now go 5,000 to 7,500 miles before an oil change.

What Do The Numbers On The Quart Of Oil Mean?

The numbers on the can refer to the weight or thickness of the oil. The higher the number, the thicker the oil. Thicker oils are better at resisting heat and shearing forces, which is why they're used in high-performance engines.

Viscosity is the oil’s resistance to flow and it’s important because it affects an oil’s ability to lubricate. The thicker the oil, the better it will lubricate, but thick oil doesn’t flow as easily and can cause engine parts to run less efficiently.

How Often Should You Check The Oil Level?

Most cars have oil sensors that will give you a low oil warning when the level gets low. It's still a good habit to check your oil at each fill up to make sure the sensor is working.

What the sensor doesn't tell you is if your oil is dirty and needs to be changed. So, it’s a good idea to check your oil level regularly. Checking your oil only takes a minute and could save your engine.

Which Oil Type Should I Be Using?

Again check your owner’s manual for the type of oil recommended for your car.

If you have an older car, it might require conventional motor oil. Newer cars often require synthetic motor oil, which has special additives that provide better protection against engine wear, extreme temperatures, and sludge buildup.

High mileage oils are designed for vehicles with over 75,000 miles. These oils have special additives that can help prevent leaks and oil consumption in worn engines.

The Convenience of Owning a Used Car

In today's fast-paced world, having a reliable mode of transportation is a necessity rather than a luxury. However, for many, the high price tag of brand-new vehicles can make this necessity an out-of-reach dream. Don't worry, though. Buying a used car from a reputable dealership can be the ideal solution for those wanting to achieve personal mobility without breaking the bank.

More Options With Used Cars

Our inventory is a  diverse range of used cars, trucks, and SUVs from the industry's leading brands. Whether you prefer the fuel efficiency of a compact city car or the raw power and durability of a heavy-duty truck, you're sure to find a vehicle that perfectly fits your lifestyle and budget.

What sets us apart from the rest is the rigorous inspection process we subject our vehicles to. When you shop with us, peace of mind comes standard, as every car on our lot meets stringent safety and quality standards.

We're a Buy Here, Pay Here Dealership!

Understanding our customers' varied financial circumstances, we pride ourselves on being a "buy here, pay here" dealership. Whether you have excellent credit, bad credit, or are a first-time car buyer, you can trust us to find the right financing option that fits your budget.

Through this unique model, we make car buying hassle-free by offering a one-stop-shop solution where you can apply for credit, get the loan approved, and make all your payments right here at the dealership. No need to deal with banks or multiple financial institutions.

Applying for Credit Has Never Been Easier

To speed up the car buying process, you can apply for credit online through our secure digital platform. Simply fill out the form, and we'll quickly get back to you with financing options tailored to your needs.

Owning a vehicle opens up a world of freedom and convenience. With our extensive selection of quality used cars, you can take the open road without stressing your wallet. Plus, our flexible financing options and easy credit application process ensure a smooth, straightforward buying experience.

For more information, stop out to our dealership at 2848 Blakeslee Blvd in Lehighton, PA 18235.

What to Look For Under the Hood of a Used Car

Before you purchase a vehicle, you or a trusted mechanic should look under the hood and inspect what’s there. What should be inspected?

For starters, take the engine oil filler cap off and then look at its underside. If you notice white or brown “gel-like” deposits, that’s a bad sign. It could indicate water or coolant contamination of the engine oil. There could be a leaking head gasket. You should also check the engine coolant reservoir for any similar deposits you’d consider “gunk.” If the engine oil filler cap is pressurized, only open it if the engine is completely cool.

Next, while the engine is “cool” (hasn’t been running), start it while the hood is open. Then listen for any odd noises. If you hear a “clack-clack” you could have a bad valve system. If you hear a squeak or squeal, there could be a bad belt or pulley that needs attention.

Thirdly, check for any signs of pest infestation. Do you notice any feces, urine, nut shells, etc.? There could be rodents, birds or other animals making a nest in the engine somewhere. Obviously, they need to go!

Finally, get inside the car and while the engine is running, turn the car off and flip the key to the on position without starting– this should illuminate all the dash warning lights. Start the engine again and see that all the warning lights go out as you’d hope. Run the different controls to see if they all work as intended.

Looking to buy a vehicle and not sure where to start? In Lehighton, PA, come to 443 Auto Sales, located at 2848 Blakeslee Boulevard. 443 Auto Sales has plenty of hoods to look under– a nice variety of vehicles to choose from! Call 570-386-0443 with any questions you might have.

Buying a Used Car Saves You in the Long Run

Have you noticed prices going up all around us? Whether it’s the price for gas, eggs, beef or other things, inflation has been bothering a lot of people. Wages aren’t increasing fast enough to pay for items that are costing more and more than ever. That said, what’s worth investing in right now? How about used vehicles? They hold their value. They’re something people can and will use– and there’s a demand for them, so if you buy a vehicle, you could always resell it, perhaps at a profit these days. Plus, another reason used vehicles are a good investment is because there’s an ongoing chip shortage.

Why do chips matter? Well, there’s a shortage of automotive semiconductor chips which control most aspects of modern cars and trucks. There aren’t enough plants to make these chips– and it takes years and billions of dollars to build new chip plants… So, the ongoing backlog of chips means there’s a shortage of vehicles. Because of this, the demand for used vehicles is up– so if you buy one, two or three used vehicles this year, look at them as an investment that could end up making you money when you go to sell them.

Where can you buy used vehicles in Lehighton, PA? 443 Auto Sales, located at 2848 Blakeslee Boulevard, is the place to shop for used vehicles that you can consider your worthwhile  investment(s). 443 Auto Sales is a “buy here pay here” place, and financing help is available; you can even apply for credit right online.

443 Auto Sales has a variety of used vehicles available; from Ford to Subaru, Nissan to Buick and Dodge to Chevy (and more), 443 Auto Sales offers a nice variety of high-quality vehicles worth investing in. For more information, call 570-386-0443.

An Overview of Car Titles

You know how you get asked for your license or official ID card in various places? So you show them your ID and that means you’re you? Well, what about vehicles? How do others know you actually own that vehicle? Basically, a vehicle has a title, which is a legal document that the state government issues to demonstrate who owns the vehicle.

What’s on the piece of paper known as a car title? Well, it will include information about the vehicle and its owner. A title is not the same as a vehicle registration document or sticker and/or proof of insurance. A title is just to show proof of ownership.

Car Title Information

When you purchase a vehicle, the seller might give you the title. You might receive it as part of an ownership transfer and/or when you pay off an auto loan. Once you receive the title, keep it in a safe and secure place where it won’t get lost, wet, burned up or accidentally destroyed. Much like an ID or passport, it’s an important document.

Specifically, what is actually on a title? Well, though it may vary from state to state, generally the info on the document will include the VIN (vehicle ID number), the car make and model and year, the owner’s full name and address, the issue date, the odometer reading on the issue date, and signatures of the buyer, seller and state official(s).

There are different types of titles, including clean (the inspected vehicle hasn’t been in an accident or damaged), clear (the vehicle has been repaired and passed inspection), rebuilt (the vehicle was damaged but rebuilt) and salvage (the vehicle was damaged and needs rebuilding).

A vehicle belongs to whoever is listed on the car title! You can add or remove someone from a title by visiting your state’s department of motor vehicles and going through their process to do so.

You should update a car title if you move to another state, give the vehicle to someone else (yes, even a family member), or if you sell the vehicle.

If you need help finding a used car in Lehighton, PA, check out the options at 443 Auto Sales.

Everything You Should Know About a Car Warranty

When most people buy a vehicle, it comes with a warranty. What should you know about a car warranty?

For most people, a vehicle is one of the most valuable items they own. If it breaks, it could cost a lot to fix. A warranty is a repair contract limiting a vehicle owner’s financial risk for a set period. If the vehicle has a certain issue during this set period, the owner can rely on someone else– the manufacturer or the aftermarket warranty company, for example– paying some or all of the repair bill(s). Warranties don’t cover damage from accidents or normal wear and tear. They do, however, typically cover manufacturer defects.

How long do warranties last? They’re usually in place for a set period of time (like the first 3 years you own the vehicle) or a set distance in miles (like the first 36,000 miles you drive the vehicle).

New vehicle warranties may come in different forms, like comprehensive, powertrain, corrosion, emissions, hybrid/EV component(s) or some combination of all of these. There are also extended warranties which take over after a manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Keep in mind that warranties don’t cover abnormal use and changing vehicle parts can void warranties. They are not insurance and they don’t cover regularly scheduled maintenance. That said, if something goes wrong with your vehicle and it’s covered by your warranty, you will feel a sense of relief knowing that you don’t have to pay the price for its repair! 

In Lehighton, PA, when you are looking to buy a used vehicle, come to 443 Auto Sales at 2848 Blakeslee Boulevard. And if you have any questions, and/or want to ask about warranties, please call 443 Auto Sales at 570-386-0443. 443 Auto Sales is a “buy here, pay here” dealer.

Advantages of “Buy Here, Pay Here” Used Car Dealer

Every year, there are more than 40 million people who purchase used cars across the U.S. Many of them choose to do it at what are called “buy here, pay here” used car dealerships. There are many benefits that you’ll receive when you make a purchase at a “buy here, pay here” used car dealer. Take a look at several of those benefits below before making your way over to one of these dealers.

It’ll allow you to get a loan quickly.

One of the worst parts about buying a car is sitting and waiting for a bank to approve your loan for it. It can make the car-buying process last a lot longer than it should. This won’t ever be an issue at a “buy here, pay here” used car dealer. You can get approved for a loan almost immediately, so you can move on to the next part of the process.

It’ll give you a chance to set your own terms.

Most “buy here, pay here” used car dealers allow their customers to set their own repayment terms when they purchase a car. This means that you can pay your car off quickly if you want or pay it off over a longer period of time based on what works for you. You can create a used car loan that is perfect for your specific needs.

It’ll get you access to a good interest rate.

If you have bad credit and you apply for a loan through traditional lenders, they’re likely going to give you a very high interest rate. “Buy here, pay here” used car dealers will try to get you the most competitive rate possible. They can also get you a loan without requiring a big down payment.

Would you like to see how convenient it is to work with a “buy here, pay here” used car dealer? Come down to 443 Auto Sales to see what we have in stock now and to apply for a loan. Or call us at 570-386-0443 today for more information on how “buy here, pay here” actually works.

How a Used Car Dealer Can Help Your Credit

443 Auto Sales in Lehighton, PA, is a “buy here pay here” car dealer. Did you know that “buy here pay here” can help your credit situation?

How a Used Car Dealership Can Help Your Credit


Buy here pay here dealerships make sense for people who have no credit or even bad credit. In essence, dealerships like 443 Auto Sales are “one stop shops” where you can purchase a car as well as obtain financing, rather than trying to secure financing elsewhere. In other words, you don’t have to seek out a third-party lender. You don’t have to wait around to see if a bank approves your financing need(s). 

Buy here pay here auto loans can actually help you build your credit. When you make your on-time payments, the dealership reports those to the major credit reporting agencies like Equifax on a regular basis-- this way you’re “in the system” and known for paying off your loan(s) on time. 

Basically, buy here pay here dealerships like 443 Auto Sales become your financial partner, helping you get what you want and need-- transportation-- and working with you to help improve your overall financial situation. 

So, if you’re “credit-challenged,” don’t worry-- you can still get approved. Approval standards are lower than what you’ll find with traditional lenders. Also, the process is simple. The buying and financing process is completed when you drive off the lot-- which is a lot faster than completing a traditional loan process (especially if you have bad credit). 

Are you thinking of buying a used car? 443 Auto Sales has a handy credit application page, here:  You can fill out the form online and it’s submitted securely through 443’s digital application process. Once we receive your information, we’ll get back to you quickly and share with you financing options. You’re also welcome to come to the dealership and fill out the application in person if you prefer. We’re here to help you formulate the right payment plan for your budget. 

443 Auto Sales is a reputable dealer with an outstanding selection of used cars. Please call 570-386-0443 with questions, or visit us at 2848 Blakeslee Blvd. in Lehighton, PA. 

Buying a Used Car From a Private Seller is Risky

One lady wanted a used car for her 16-year-old son to use to get to work and back. So she saw that her neighbor across the street had a “for sale” sign on his old Pontiac Grand Prix. After some negotiations, the lady bought it for just $600-- a bargain, right? It didn’t turn out as hoped, though, because she later took it to her mechanic. He put it up on the lift and noticed the whole bottom of the car had rusted out! It was literally falling apart and totally unsafe to drive. This kind of thing happens a lot when people buy a used car from a private seller. It’s risky.

Private Sellers Don't Have to Follow Strict Regulations

Why buy a used vehicle from a dealership, like 443 Auto Sales? For starters, dealerships have to follow state and federal rules and regulations-- all of which are designed to protect buyers from getting bad deals. For those who buy from a private seller, they’re getting the vehicle “as is.” There could be a whole host of problems with it that aren’t discovered until it’s too late and the buyer ends up either having to pay for all sorts of repairs or… getting rid of the junker all together.

Dealerships Provide Warranties

Dealerships are important because they can provide warranties on vehicles. That way, if something goes wrong after the buyer acquires the vehicle, and it’s “covered under warranty,” the buyer’s repairs are taken care of without breaking his or her bank.

Accurate History Information

Meanwhile, dealerships often have better vehicle history information available than private sellers. For instance, dealerships use CARFAX, a service which details the history of a vehicle, indicating all sorts of key information about it, including whether it has been in an accident.

Buying from a private seller often involves more paperwork and more legwork because you’re “doing it on your own.” With a dealership, it’s more convenient because a whole bunch of vehicles are gathered in one spot to choose from, and the people who work there are used to completing all necessary paperwork such as registrations, titles and even plates.

If looking for a used car stresses you out and you’re leaning toward visiting a dealership rather than looking all around for various private sellers and what they might offer, visit 443 Auto Sales at 2848 Blakeslee Blvd. in Lehighton, PA. You can call 570-386-0443 for more info.


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